Friday, August 25, 2006

Reality my A$$

Let me just first say that I really do not like reality TV. Who is responsible? Why is it so popular? Why are there so damn many? Cops, now that was a good one and I have read that it is credited as maybe the first. But come on Survivor has a huge following now. Please tell me why? Is it entertaining to see people starving running around doing mindless activities for the goal of monetary compensation and an interview on the CBS The Early Show. And then there is Fear Factor, eat a cow penis, buried in cat semen, with a feline in heat velcroed (is that a word) to your genitalia, all for $50,000. I will pass.
Of course there is the Bachelor, the Bachelorette, oh and Average Joe; fart, Quife, Shart. I would rather be placed in a large burlap sack with a monkey, a dog, a cobra, and my fourth grade teacher Mrs. Wilbourne and dropped into the ocean before I wasted brain cells watching that crap. Where do they get the funding to buy the film to record this mindless dribble. We obviously have too much money. Maybe I am only person that thinks TV should be entertainment. I see reality everyday as scary as reality is it aint as scary as the Flava of Love. (One Love Hoopz)

The women on here act like Flava is attractive. On the strength of hip-hop history, I got mad love for FF but there is no female mammalian creature that thinks this dude is good looking. Hell he so ugly even if he was nicer than Jolly old St. Nick we should not have to look at him. Roaches look at him and be like daddy. He makes Cheryl Underwood look like Sanaa Lathan. I mean really dude looks like an imp from hell. Milk does a body good, crack ..... MAKES YOU LOOK LIKE HIM. Just say no America.

Honestly, I look at reality TV as the first steps in the end of intelligent TV. Reality TV just show us the worst of our society, our greed, lust, and our ignorance. I guess only other alternative is another Law and Order.

My final thought is Reality TV does nothing for Americans but confirm to the rest of the world how fat, dumb, horny, money-hungry we are, God Bless the USA!


Anonymous said...

Oh that is just hilarious. I can't breathe!

A. B. said...

After rereading this I said "intelligent TV" is that an oxymoron or what?