Thursday, October 11, 2007

A look at my mind

If you were to TiVo my mind for a 15 minute period you would see that my mind is like an HD television with the remote in the hands of a rambunctious 2 and a half year old. Here is a sampling:
I like to call this one "You DO Look Like a Dude."

Khadijah Farmer is put out of a women's room because
they thought she was a man. You can get the full story Here. Now I saw this chick in a TAILORED men's suit on the Today Show and she looks more like a dude looking directly at her than she does looking at her profile. There is a lesson to be learned here. If you do not want to be bounced out of the ladies room and you look like a dude #1 stop dressing like one and #2 drop a few hints I don't know maybe some lip gloss a flower pendent, hell a barrette. Although that still would not help you in Atlanta. Worse come to worse just wear a Velcro shirt and show Charlie Murphy your Titties. The controversy really started because Farmer was in the ladies room asking for a urinal. LOL! But if you tryna get paid just look like a dude and sue. As this SHIM is planning to do. Good luck. She better hope I am not the judge. Because I would look at her picture and be like case dismissed, sir.
Speaking of Bathrooms, you ever go in a bathroom that were just cleaned and they have the toilet paper in so tight that you find yourself pulling and pulling and pulling and only getting enough to cover your thumbnail. I hate that. I find myself in there for an hour trying to crochet a sweater out of the confetti I have made to wipe with. I know people who come in after me look at the floor in the stall and think they missed a parade. Today, I got fed up and just used the Baltimore Sun to wipe my ass. That is best coverage they have had in decades.

Michael Vick has to write a check in excess of 20 Million Dollars back to the Atlanta Falcons to return his signing bonus. They are just the latest people trying to get there money back from the scooby killer. It just leads me to believe that at some level we need to do psychological evaluations on ourselves. I did one today on myself I found that I am sane enough to operate in society and only cause malice and destruction on small scales, usually in client meetings, church socials, and Thanksgiving at my in-laws. But I am not crazy enough to be a multi-millionaire and lose it all. Damn. This just in Mike Vick's perspective cell-mate is a 6 foot 10, 382 pound Homosexual, defensive end/dog lover with Aids, and 4.2 speed. Let's see how evasive he is in that 10x9 cell.

OK I will stop the randomness and get back to work.

To be continued. Be afraid be very afraid.