Tuesday, January 30, 2007

This just In!

King of Pop, Michael Jackson died today in a Bangladesh hospital surrounded by his publicist and an unknown family member. He died of food poisoning.

Jackson apparently ate 12 year old nuts.

Of course this is false but these are the types of things people send me via text message.

Last I heard Mike is feverously working on his new album and trying to get white folks to forget he is black again. I will keep you posted.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Congratulations Serena!

Just when they thought you were off your game, they said there was no way you could return from your injuries, and let us not forget you were too involved in your other business ventures you come back and ranked # 81 you dominate the number two women in tennis. What away to start the 2007 season.

Friday, January 26, 2007

South Park's Cripple Fight Vs. They Live's Fight Scene

Oh my God this is great!!!

Great Right Hook, Better Celebration!

Ladies and gentlemen todays spine twister. Is it me or did that look like a lovers spat? My sources tell me they kissed and made out, I mean up, they made up. Right.

American Idol 6 Reject - Sarah Goldberg

Some people are just crazy. I love to see people that if they went missing would be the new love child of the nation absolutely lose it. I love this. Sarah Thank you. Now if you get yourself kidnapped or go to Aruba and disappear you will be 2007's first damsel in distress. God Bless the USA! P.S. Yes honey, you are tone def.

Why? Why? Why?!

Kim you were not ugly before all of the surgeries. Now you are a monster. The boogieman has a night light because of you. Do you own a mirror? Why can't I have enough money to be this dumb. SEEK HELP!

Random Thought of the Day

Fantasia Barrino scares me.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Random thought of the day

I am really happy that Kevin Federline is not black.

Spine Twister of the day

I call this one Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiyaaaaaaaah, B!tch! LOL! Peep how long it takes his left leg to find the Earth. Especially considering he just got up off of it. Dude is SLEEP!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I think I will call him "Mini-Me"

Last night Carmelo Anthony returned from his 15 game suspension to unite with his new teammate the answer. The Melo-Answer Duo combine for 51 points and a win over the Grizzlies. Hell I think I can get together 9 brothers and 3 women to beat the grizzlies. But I digress. Welcome back homeboy. Show the world what Philly and B-More united can accomplish. What's that like 600 homicides? Can you digress twice? LOL!!

What would you do?

I gotta believe that there aint an Asian alive that can catch a scared black dude when he's running.

Monday, January 22, 2007


Before I comment just watch. This is by far my favorite knockout.

Simon Brown vs. Vince Pettway

Hey Simon it's obvious that you were well coached because even knocked the F*ck out you kept your guard up and kept jabbing. A blast from the past (especially for you Simon) I just had to blog it. Thanks for getting your spine twisted and a few grade levels dumber for my entertainment.

The Soul Bowl

Last night a historical night in sports history. Lovie Smith and Tony Dungy became the first and second black NFL head coaches, respectively, to win NFL championship games and propel there teams to the Super Bowl. Which I have taken the liberty of renaming The Soul Bowl.

I call it the Soul Bowl not only because of the brothers leading the teams but because both are strong men of faith and they have always carried themselves with christian dignity in a time when being christian is rarely respected. They are two men that I will not hesitate to point to as persons that all young men black, white, or whatever pardon me all young PEOPLE can admire.

It is also fitting that the two men are best friends. You could catch Lovie at the colts wild card game and it is reported that the two speak every Monday. I would love to hear what these two discuss in today's conversation.

Lovie's success is also a testament to Tony Dungy's greatness as a teacher and a mentor. Lovie was an assistant coach with the Tampa Bucs. Very interestingly Herm Edwards was also on that team. Do your thing Tony!

So many stories in this some of you may or may not know that the owner of the Chicago Bears recieved the George S. Halas trophy for the NFC championship win. A trophy named for her father and former owner and the initials "GSH" that appear on the Bears Jerseys. What a feeling it must have been to recieve a trophy that was named after your late father.

Great games last night. I am praying for a great superbowl. Anything would be better than last years travesty. Thanks officials, hopefully this year you will let the players decide the outcome. Congratulations Coach Dungy and Coach Smith I wish you both could win next week.