Monday, September 11, 2006

I personally blame his father

Watch this clip I will comment later. It is a local news "personality" in Sarasota, Florida. I know Jeb really likes getting the 5 day forecast from this dude.

Who is responsible for this weather"man"? Let me just say this being gay is one thing, to each their own, but being a f*cking sissy-punk is another. Justin Mosey of you should be ashamed of yourself. My 12 year old sister is tougher than you. I mean damn it is a bug not Anthrax. The only thing that would scare me like that is an ugly woman in my bed, that satisfying feeling, and no sign of a condom. Lets break this shemale down. First is that a process. He look like an anorexic James Brown impersonator. And look at his suit. I am guessing the network stopped him wearing his skirt and tinkerbell wings. Damn it nobody even told me that Little richard was pregnant. If that was my son I would whoop his a$$ everyday until he stopped being a sissy. To his parents shame on you. To him I say, "man up BITCH!" And for those of you that think this is genetic I say it is STILL his parents fault.

I feel better now.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Justifiable Assholism - The Chicken Noodle Soup Dance

It has come to my attention that there is a new dance craze coming along called the Chicken Noodle soup. Who is responsible for the latest shucking and jiving out of Harlem. This might be the first whack thing out of Harlem not having anything to do with Cam'Ron. If you are not familiar with the dance take a look at this.

Now that I am getting older I have begun to analyze things with a different eye than I once did. I used to look at girls wearing nothing that were high school age and think she is going to be fine as hell when she turns 25. Now I look shake my head and say, "I really need to do a good job raising my daughter."

The CNS dance is the latest thing that has me thinking that my state of mind is catching up with my age. A few years ago I would have learned this dance, mastered it, put my own spin on it and pulled it out on bamas. But when I look at this I think probably what my Mom thought when I was break dancing, boogie poppin, and lockin. "These children have lost their rabid minds." Something else came to mind watching the chicken noodle soup videos on youtube. Minstrel Shows, shucking and jiving, the term cooning comes to mind. Take a look at this.

I just think that at some point we need to ask ourselves as black people when do we start to think about the things we do. Dancing is one thing as a celebration, exercise, religious expression or just plain fun. When does flailing around become more of a sideshow. When do we have to ask ourselves are they laughing at us or with us? When do we start to wonder what the ramifications of our learning a new dance instead learning another language? When do we ask ourselves what are we portraying when we publish things like the chicken noodle soup dance? Are we feeding into stereotypes? I am just asking because I am by no means saying I carry myself in the best way. I am not judging. I am raising some question for the purpose of discussion. Perhaps black people particularly the youth need to wake up and realize that dancing and singing are not the key to our long term SURVIVAL. The key is self-sufficiency, land and business ownership, self-employment and empowerment, involvement in the community. We do not have time for all of us to make it, be discovered and then make a difference. We need to make a difference now, not after we are popular.

But back to the dance this is really looks like someone is having a fit. Don't even get me started on the lyrics of the song. But as asinine as this is it will be on a TV screen near you very soon. White folks will get rich off of it and laugh at us while doing it.