Monday, September 11, 2006

I personally blame his father

Watch this clip I will comment later. It is a local news "personality" in Sarasota, Florida. I know Jeb really likes getting the 5 day forecast from this dude.

Who is responsible for this weather"man"? Let me just say this being gay is one thing, to each their own, but being a f*cking sissy-punk is another. Justin Mosey of you should be ashamed of yourself. My 12 year old sister is tougher than you. I mean damn it is a bug not Anthrax. The only thing that would scare me like that is an ugly woman in my bed, that satisfying feeling, and no sign of a condom. Lets break this shemale down. First is that a process. He look like an anorexic James Brown impersonator. And look at his suit. I am guessing the network stopped him wearing his skirt and tinkerbell wings. Damn it nobody even told me that Little richard was pregnant. If that was my son I would whoop his a$$ everyday until he stopped being a sissy. To his parents shame on you. To him I say, "man up BITCH!" And for those of you that think this is genetic I say it is STILL his parents fault.

I feel better now.

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