Monday, August 18, 2008

Random Thoughts

So I am watch the Olympics with my wife and there was a cyclist that came in dead last like 4 minutes behind everybody else and I said to my wife, "Sheeeit I could do that!" What I mean is who the hell trains 6 days a week 8 hours a day for four years qualifies for the Olympics and finishes 4 MINUTES back. I could train for a day and a half to be that damn bad, seriously. Did anybody happen to catch the gymnastics finals. I have never seen more people falling and there was no liquor involved. 4 years of sacrifice in order for 60 million people to see you break your ass in a floor routine. Stay in school!!!

You ever have someone do or say something so ridiculous that you are so angry that you should break your foot off in them but instead you just laugh as if you heard a funny joke while slowly sharpening your blade. Maybe it's just me.

Restraining Orders
Is it me or does it seem illogical that in some cases in order to get a restraining order the individual that you are trying to be separated from must appear in order to proceed?
Judge: Where's the defendant?
Complainant: He was in my bushes this morning, your honor. Oh he's probably going through my underwear drawer or at my kids school.
Judge: Postpone until the defendant is present or the homicide is discovered.
Next case.
You've gotta love our legal system, best in the world!

TV During the Summer

Police Funerals
The loss of a human life is a horrible thing. You ever wonder how it is that all of those cops can attend the funeral. Thats the time to commit a crime. I mean they come from every county, they shut off highways, I mean really. Aren't there shifts that need to be covered? There needs to be an investigation.

Yard Sales
Ever have one? They are great you get to try to sell your old clothes, VHS tapes, appliances, basically the crap you don't need to someone that is up 7 in the morning trolling for crap they don't need. We are doing our first this weekend. Anyone need a XXXL shirt, with the arms cut off that reads "Just Did It?" Come on by!!!


Anonymous said...

Ha! Man you are crazy!

SuzieQ said...

you selling little brown bags?

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