Thursday, April 08, 2010

This Message is Powerful

As a far from perfect husband, father, brother, son, man I find this commercial raises in me as many emotions as the roles I play in this thing called life. Tiger has a long road to go, to save his marriage. His image will recover, what matters is his family.

There are no hard and fast rules to life, to relationships, or to making amends. Tiger I am praying for you because I could not imagine how much you and your wife have on you right now.

I think this commercial is powerful.


Anonymous said...

I don't know man. I don't think you can just brush all that ish off and say I'm more prone to be inquisitive. Especially coming from Earl who left his wife and 3 kids to get with Eldrik's mom. But outside of that, I think the remainder of that commercial has the right idea.

What's done is done. The man made a mistake (numerous mistakes), got caught up, hit with a golf club (in my opinion lol), vilified in the Press, went to therapy, almost lost his wife, lost a shytload of money (endorsements, paying off his hoes), lost his uber-human image (which was a good thing), went to rehab, and FINALLY came out and did a real interview that wasn't scripted (last week or early this week I think it was).

That's not gonna change the past but that interview where he basically had a press conference and answered all questions sincerely (it seemed) was good enough for me. So what if he had a former advisor to the President help him with his plan of action to face the press and the public. So what if he had two super-contrived and scripted interviews prior to the Press conference joint he just did. When Tiger got up there and said he was shocked that people clapped for him when he was practicing and I could see in his eyes, tone, and facial expression that he was genuinely shocked it convinced me that he's headed in the right direction.

I'm not saying he didn't make a huge mistake and didn't deserve some of the backlash but I am saying let it go and let that man move on and prove himself again a la Kobe. Kobe was accused of raping a woman (a white woman at that) and wasn't vilified like Tiger. Last time I checked, while it's not RIGHT in most of our minds (if not all), adultery ain't a crime. And for Tiger it's really more of a poor financial and PR decision than anything else except for a poor life decision in general.

I'm less concerned with this commercial than I am with the fact that Billy Payne (Master's Chairman) makes this bold statement about Tiger yesterday like he is Tiger's dad or he's the slave(MASTER) (ie - Master's tournament) and Tiger is some house negro that's been disobedient/insubordinate. Like Roland Martin said, he's talking down about Tiger and Black ppl couldn't even be in the club years ago and not to mention that women can't be in the club now.

The media is tricking people into caring about that commercial rather than caring about what I think is a much larger issue. It's the same ole good ole boy's club shyt but they can't go on Tiger like they can go on a regular bruh because THEY NEED Tiger. But they gotta say something to appease the real conservative, elitist, (sub)consciously racist sect of their membership that really want that ninja up outta there no matter HOW WELL he plays.

This shyt is deeper than rap and definitely deeper than that bullshyt azz commercial.

Anonymous said...

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Red said...

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