Sunday, June 03, 2007

Detroit Wins the 2007 NBA LeBron's Medal

After barely beating the Cavaliers in the first 2 Games the Detroit Piston took a vacation and got the asses handed to them in four straight games, the final nail was hammered home Saturday night. Thank God. The last thing I wanted to see was a Detroit, San Antonio final series. SNORE. Every game the final score of 86 - 89, Shoot me please. Between Rip Hamilton with that facemask and that hairline, looking like he is about to making a cameo in Hostel 2. And Tim "My wife shaped me up" Duncan, I mean damn you are one of the greatest of all times brother, see a barber, weekly, you can afford it. Come on TDunc' is George the Animal Steal your daddy or what?

But seriously congratulations Cavs, Lebron, establish your legacy now. I peeped the emotion in the post game now, stop crying, focus, and do your thing. What you have got to know is that you are the one person that can beat the Spurs, they have no answer for you. Play your game get everybody else involved but when they start to make that push, you must assert your will and step on there throats. TIMMY! has rings. Go TAKE your first. This is where an all-star becomes a legends this is when you go from Orlando Woolridge to Magic Johnson, from Dirk to Larry Bird, from Clyde Drexler to His Airness. Ask Barkley these opportunities do not come along often. Treat this trip to the finals as if it is your last. It might just be. I hope it is not.

Random thought of the day is Greg Oden going to be the Token black cave man on those Geico commercials. I mean hell they won't need any makeup. You be the judge.


Daneger said...

Is it just me or does Greg Oden look like he could be Lebron's daddy?!!!?

Anonymous said...

That is the most confusing picture I have ever seen. Dude looks simultaneously happy AND sad. WTF?!