Thursday, June 21, 2007

That's it I have had Enough

It is time paparazzi stops taking pictures of washed up stars. What was the last thing that this minority hobbit bastard was in. Celebrity fat club? Ugly Arnold? Who wants to date a washed up Thousandaire? I mean jeez I loved different strokes but when was that hot last 1982?

Look at that hat. When did Baby Gap start carrying Cowboy hats. And you can't tell me those khakis are not from Gymboree. This dude looks like Paddington Bear on Methadone.

In other swelling celebrity news look who got a divorce yesterday and now has his own snowflake.

Sing it Carlton. "It's not unusual to be find a skank in Hollywood. It's not unusual to get the clap in Hollywoooooood."
Ok I feel better now.


Anonymous said...

Paddington Bear on Methadone, where do you come up with this stuff Sun?

You need your own show.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't dude's wife white anyway?

Seriously though, how many black women (I should say sistahs) would take this guy seriously after the Fresh Prince left him not only type-cast, but life-cast.

Speaking of black guys and white girls. Why is THIS BAMA fakin?

Ditto on that paddington bear comment by the way.

Anonymous said...

Yo, if you haven't been here already, you should check it out...


You and this guy should do a dual blog.

It is What It Is... said...