Thursday, August 09, 2007

This is almost not funny, almost.

Aside from the clothes and the makeup apparently her performances suck ass now too. Where is her Momma? Who is her pastor? Has anyone called Jesus on her behalf yet? I need a vitamin water, a pressure pill, and a shot of Jack after this one.


Anonymous said...

Jesus? Don't you mean Allah or Zion or somebody?

She seriously looks like a walking minstrel show. Sad.

And to think she made one of the best albums of all the times...EVAR.

This is what letting Wyclef smash will do to you.

A. B. said...

I meant Jesus. Them other dudes are letting her down. Time to come home Lauryn.

Daneger said...

Okay, the first pic was funny, the second pic was sad, this isht is disgraceful and sacreligious.

Anonymous said...

oh Lauryn. Seeing pics like this hurt my heart in ways u can't imagine. You've been on the prayer list for a while, but this pic just got you moved up a couple spots.