Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Something has to be done. This chick is ruining her self. This latest performance where she again lets Barnum and Bailey construct her ensemble. She looks like a Bulimic Moms Mabley. I asked for an intervention a little while ago when she was spotted looking like Michael Jackson's stunt double in the Wiz. How do you go from talented and beautiful to troubled and scary in less than 10 years? Are you poking veins Lauryn? Is the pipe talking to you? Are you channeling Richard Pryor? Cocaine has got to be involved. It's a hell of a drug. To the top of my celebrity prayer list you go.

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Deja~I~Am said...

oh my goodness. "I used to love her" But Ms. Hill is a mess. Wyclef even spoke up about her craziness in Scratch magazine recently. you should check it out. She's over, stick a fork in her. I used to be sad, but for real, WHAT A WASTE!