Monday, February 11, 2008

The 2nd Anniversary of Mansome Times Day

Happy Valentine's Day. But this post is your reminder ladies you have a month to prepare for Mansometimes Day.

It is a day that rightfully sets off March Madness. It is the day that all you 21st century women, put the kids to bed early, call a babysitter, cancel your sorority meetings, skip the book club, move your 'mani' and 'pedi' to tomorrow. This is the day that you show your man some time. No need to buy him jewelry (you can if you like.) Don't buy him no damn drawz. Take out the time this evening to get home a little early, take a bath, light a candle, if you in college stick an incent in a plant. When your man gets home, take his clothes off, make him shower and apply lotion, you can help. But these things must occur.

  • No gossip, no nagging, no TV except for whatever he wants to watch and no touching the remote (including the volume!)
  • Prepare or buy his favorite cut of steak (4 pound porterhouse should do) prepared to his liking. If he is a vegetarian he is probably wearing panties and prefers the butcher's son
  • Baked Potato at least a pounder and of course all his favorite fixins(Butter Butter Butter, Cheese, Chives, REAL bacon)
  • After dinner, a BJ like it is his birthday and he just bought you a MayBach. Pretend like it has the antidote in it.
  • Remember this Steak and head! Say it with me, "STEAK and HEAD!"

After that he is under no obligation to retort but if he is so generous he will take good care of his wonderful lady like a true gentlemen. And you two can go to sleep having renewed your carnal vows. (Cuddling optional)So spread the word fellas, Ladies get ready!

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