Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Are you serious

I can't stop laughing at this picture. Big shout to Smartenupnas for this joint. He desperately needs his ass whooped and accounts frozen for that chain. I thought Run having a shell head Adidas gold medallion was bad back in 87. Come on kid a Frosted Flakes chain, Tiger pants and a white T. You are just one other person that makes me wish birth control were retroactive. This just in his manager who is wheel chair bound wears a Special K box. I aint sure who this fool is but I guarantee his rap group are the Cereal Killers.


Shadd said...

Awww man..... not "the cereal killers"!! Hilarious! And let's not forget the high-top fade!

Anonymous said...

"makes me wish birth control were retroactive." LOL.

Who in God's name is this? Pants on backwards and errything!

A. B. said...

I am not sure who this bamma is but he is really an embarrassment to the race. . . THE HUMAN RACE.