Thursday, April 03, 2008

Stabenow's Husband, A Bargain Shopper

Following revelations that Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow's husband, Thomas Athans, told police he had paid $150 for sex with a prostitute, the AP reported that police had arrested Alycia Martin, 20, on a charge of prostitution. She was subsequently released...
Not to rehash the Spitzer situation but what the hell did the $1000 an hour buy in NY and DC that $150 can buy in Michigan. I know there are VAST cost of living differences and I know that times is tough the Midwest but DAMN. I guess old boy was just a bargain shopper. I wonder if she takes anything off if you show her your union card.

But Back to Elliot, my advice to you, move west you can get 10 for the price of one. You may have to deal with a little Cat fighting if they are all together, so perhaps use a little Gatorade, Viagra, ginseng, and a staggered schedule.

What is really interesting about both of these stories is how both of them have Myspace pages. I guess EVERYONE accept for me has a myspace page. So maybe it is not just for aspiring rappers, actors, singers, and fake celebrity pages. Oh damn did I forget the Step it up 2 page. How could I forget the WACK movie pages?
You be the judge, $150/hr f0r Alycia or $1000/hr for Spitzer's Femme for Fee Favorite..
Now I am not sure if there is video but for the money, I personally think Stabenow's hubby GOT OFF better!!! LMAO


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