Monday, December 18, 2006

And the Winners are . . .

The Sports WIR - There are so many people to choose from in this matter. So many overpaid mentally dysfunctional crybabies. I am a sports fanatic, I love all sports, I love to compete, one thing I cannot stand is poor sportsmanship. Isiah Thomas comes to mind with the recent events and his arguable involvement in the latest sports melee. But this award goes to a special personality that we all know and either love or loathe. The one and only Terrell Owens. Perhaps the biggest professional cry baby since Isiah Thomas and his time in Detroit. TO's latest, spitting in DeAngelo Hall's face. I respect TO's game despite his tendency to drop passes (leading the league with 19 dropped passes) he is a game changer. He is also a cancer to a team. But to spit in a mans face you should not be fined, you should not be suspended, you should have you behind whooped. My hat is off to D-Hall for not retaliating. As Shannon Sharpe said it would take an act of Congress to get me from beating you next to death for spitting on me. TO you are a tremendous athelete but you really need some help. Who is responsible for this clown?

The Music WIR goes to . . . Paris Hilton it is almost an insult to give this music award to her because anyone that calls this music needs some serious medical attention. You be the judge. The bottom line is she cannot sing. She is however a Billionairess and we all know that money makes the world go 'round. So until she begins to fund my habits of sports cars, large televisions, and sports tickets. She is the non-singingest, online BJ filming, air head, but Paris (Ms. Hilton) if you are reading this and would like to adopt a Black Dude, I love you, you are such a humanitarian and you are the fiber by which the human race is held together. (I deserve a WIR for that line.)

The Hollywood WIR goes to . . . And this pains me because I am a true fan, Mel Gibson for his Anti-Semetic tirade after being pulled over for driving erratically. In his tirade he told the officer that he owned Malibu and would use all of his money to get his revenge. He also told the officer that he was going to F*** him. WHOA! And then blamed Jews for all of the wars of the world. Looks like he thought he was filming Lethal Weapon 5, Riggs goes Nazi. (Please send all letters to It always amazes me that people who claim to be devout Christians have a very hard time adhering to some of its most simple doctrines. One of my favorites is 'Be ye angry and sin not.' Maybe the church he built in Malibu has not gotten to that line in the Bible yet. But what can we expect from a man that says his wife is going to hell for not sharing all of his religious beliefs. You are a winner Mel. I like you better when you played a drunk suicidal cop. Keep that in the movies Mel. For this act you have earn the Nick Nolte Life Time achievement award. For being an old, drunk, rich and assanine. Congratulations!
The Reality WIR goes to . . . Anybody with a car that has more than 3 bumper stickers. Get a life you degenerate. How dare you deface something as beautiful as an automobile I don't care if you love your dog, Spade your kids or Wonder what Jesus would do. He probably would remove the bumper stickers so he could see where he was going. Cars are meant to be driven or to conceive children not a vehicle for you opinion. We on the outside of your don't care we just want you to get the hell out of our way so that we can go and beat up your honors student Again . . . and Again . . . And Again. Sidebar I have only seen a few bumper stickers worth buy (still never to be placed on a car) They are, "This car is guarded by a pit bull with AIDS" and "Jesus loves you. Everyone else thinks you're an Asshole."

To all of my readers (all 4 of you) have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. If you do not celebrate Christmas enjoy your holidays and I still except your presents. Be safe and celebrate them with family. God Bless you all.

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