Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I think I will call him "Mini-Me"

Last night Carmelo Anthony returned from his 15 game suspension to unite with his new teammate the answer. The Melo-Answer Duo combine for 51 points and a win over the Grizzlies. Hell I think I can get together 9 brothers and 3 women to beat the grizzlies. But I digress. Welcome back homeboy. Show the world what Philly and B-More united can accomplish. What's that like 600 homicides? Can you digress twice? LOL!!


Daneger said...

LMMFAO at 600 homicides!!!!!

A. B. said...

I figured you would appreciate that.

J said...

LOL...That was funny. You two must have been a comedy duo in a past life...LOL