Thursday, July 12, 2007


Abel Xavier - This is why Soccer will never be a hit in this country. How does his parent feel seeing their boy look like this? As a father if my son ever looked like this please come visit me on Sundays and bring me cigarettes, candy, and Jet Magazines. Greg Oden - Somebody please get this man a stylist. This man looks like a maitre d in an upscale Gargoyle Establishment. Greg you just earned a spot to my prayer list.
Jerry Rice - Crown Royal bags are a ghetto legacy from the 70's. You are the greatest football player EVER, please stop trying so hard to stay relevant. This is embarrassing, Jerry. IF this happens again I may have to catch an assault charge.
Lebron James - This was a skit... It's My Lebrogative!!!!... still unacceptable. Bobby Brown should get Whitney to whoop yo ass.

After that mess, I need a drink.


Daneger said...

Jerry Rice is the greatest football player or WR? You said football player...can a WR be the greatest football player ever since someone has to throw them the ball?
I swear to goodness Greg Oden is Lebron's daddy!!! Look at that suit and tell me he ain't somebody's dad.
Why Lebron why?!!? I guess I would have mental break downs in public if my dad got drafted 4 years after me too.

A. B. said...

Definitely Great WR ever. And I would argue greatest football player ever. But there are plenty others that are to be considered.

Anonymous said...

Only thing corny about the Lebron performance was the name of the song. Lebrogative? WTF?

Rice is the greatest football player ever. We just don't want to admit it b/c he is a pressed-starving-for-the-spotlight-BAMA!

But he's still the best. If not him, then it's probably Walter Payton.

Anonymous said...

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