Monday, January 14, 2008

TO Crying LMAO

Terrell Owens was pretty emotional after the Giants knocked him and his Cowboys out of the playoffs. I now understand why TO is such a bad teammate to play with, aside from the Sleepy Brown Shades, homeboy is a damn 16 year old girl with daddy issues. LOL. I have never seen anything so pathetic in my life. "That's my teammate " Man if you could catch you wouldn't have these problems. Eagles and Redskin fans really appreciate this one Terrell. Enjoy the video... I did. LMAO!!!


T Feezie said...

Leave that man alone AB! I mean isn't he entitled to a good cry after being beaten so badly by the redskins during the regular season. Oh my bad, I lost sight of my point...too bad soo sad, suck it up TO! GO SKINS!!!!! LOL

A. B. said...

LOL Thank for the comment. I posted this with you Mike and Dane in mind. Big shout the Daneger and Mike on that cruise. I am hating!!!