Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Morning Rant: In and Out Burgers be Good

Only an In-N-Out Burger can put a smile like this on a grown mans face. Well any burger works for Cedric. Cedric the Entertainer enjoys an In-N-Out burger at an Oscar after party. Look how happy he is. The burger took away his depression after not being nominated for his role in The Cleaner. (Will anybody admit to seeing that?) Cedric come on to the east coast and check out Five Guys it puts In-N-Out to shame.

Nice suit Ceddy. That second button is pulling a bit, I am sure your tailor can handle that. A few more burgers and POP, ping, ping, ping, ping, MY EYE MY EYE!
All jokes aside brother your suit is stretching so much it is starting to get as shiney as P. Diddy's. You might want to see if Fox will give you another variety show. Shucking and Jiving burns more calories than does actual talent. Look how thin Wayne Brady is. I mean damn brother you look like you ate Lavita. LMAO!
All jokes a side I am big fan, get healthy and make some good movies, please. I am not a gastroenterologist but that gut looks like a tumor.
Can somebody get this man a Nutrisystem deal? Who the hell is his agent? They helped Mike Golic Lord knows they can help you.(Breathe, breathe) I feel better now. Five Guys for lunch, I am buying. Who's in?

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