Monday, February 12, 2007

Tell'em Tyra

You have to admire Tyra for going at her critics like this. In my opinion she looks good. She looks healthy. She looks like a normal woman. She looks like a woman that most of us men would be blessed to have. And to any husband that is telling his wife that she is too fat, chances are you fellas needs to look in the mirror. I am willing to bet that 95% of married couples in the United States the woman looks MUCH better naked to other WOMEN. So men if you are being hard on your woman remember one thing eventually you are going to get old, lose your hair, and one thing is for sure you may not be able to stand up like you do today. Wifey will always be attractive to men eventually unless you are super rich she will be all you've got. Remember this you never have to replace the hole, you always have to replace the pole. Go Tyra, you are on your way to being the next Oprah.


Daneger said...

Phuk all that sentimental shYt I want to see a backshot...LMMFAO!!!!

A. B. said...


Crysse said...

I LOVED that clip! :-)