Wednesday, February 07, 2007

My New Favorite Show - Heroes

I will be the first to admit that I have been a sci fi junkie from way back. I think it goes back to being the baddest 5 year old at Atari Asteroids, and wanting to be an Astronaut. It was not until the 4th grade when I realize being strapped to a bomb built by the lowest bidder was not a great idea. Yes, after the Challenger accident that all school children in the US watched explode, I decided that was not a good idea. And after the AstroNUTZ love triangle in the news it is a good thing I changed my mind. I would 100% have been apart of that somehow some way not that this chic is my speed but somehow I would be being investigated. That is just how my life goes. But back to Heroes. Heroes is the only show on the world that can make me delay watch 24 another hour. It made me forget that I only got to see Lost 6 times in 2006. (Most of those times I fell asleep on it.)
This show is so good that I have all of my work buddies into it. We have heated discussion about it and some times arguments. Pretty sad but hey football is on hiatus until August what's a man to do. NBA, maybe in the playoffs, maybe. NCAA tourney is coming up but nothing is like football.
Anyway Heroes as you all know is a story of ordinary people like you and me that discover they can do extraordinary things like fly, read minds, heal rapdily, etc. The kid in the comic bookstore in me is in love with this show. I mean my mom will tell you about me jumping around the house in my Underoos Thank God there is no tangible evidence of this. LMAO they had Tonto! But anyway heroes is very addictive and if any of you have not checked it out please toon in to to get caught up. If any of you have heroes questions, comments, or theories post them here and we can have a discussion. I am always ready. My biggest theory of all there is no way that Shaft, Richard Roundtree, was on this show and died in vane. Is he Linderman? We shall see. Let me know what you think.

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